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Birdhouses and more Bird houses for your Home and Garden. Decorative and affordable Birdhouses for the Home and Garden. offers a wide variety of Birdhouses, Bird feeders, Sun Catchers, Fountains, Garden Decor and Planters to decorate and accent the home and garden all at Affordable Prices. Shop our online store with confidence and the security of our high encryption secure server. Also at we offer Gift Certificates for those that can not decide what to get that Loved One, Relative, Friend or Business Associate.
Birdhouse Birdhouse Birdhouse Birdhouse Birdhouse

Beautiful Birdbaths
Bird Baths and Garden Decor

We carry a wide selection of birdbaths for your flying friends. Attracted by the water source, birds will play hours in your birdbath. This attraction is enhanced with the addition of a bird feeder and birdhouse. We carry different styles of birdbaths including hanging, decorative, and standing birdbaths.


Bird Cages
Bird Cages and Collectible Planters

Keep out the gray squirrels, starlings, and grackles with our Bird Cages. Songbirds enter easily through the openings on our cage feeders.

Beautiful Bird Collection
                  Collection, Sun Catchers

An extensive collection of bird items for the Bird Lover, Bird Collector, Loved One.

Bird feeders a Plenty
Birdfeeders, Home Decor

You will find a large selection of products to feed your flying friends. We carry: Cage Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders, Window Bird Feeders, Tube, Thistle, Decorative , Wooden, Suet, Platform and Peanut Feeders. Bird feeders are not only bird watching tools, they have become great decorative items and their design has reached new levels.

Collectors Birdhouses
Collector Birdhouses and Bird Baths

From small blue bird birdhouses to large purple martin birdhouses, there are many birdhouses styles to choose from here. Birdhouses can be hung, mounted on a post, a wall, or a tree.

Books and Media
Birdhouses, Bird Baths, Birdfeeders, Sun Catchers and Garden Decor

A large collection of books and media for the Bird Lover, Bird Collector, Loved One.

Butterflies and Birdfeeders

These beautiful pieces make great gifts for any nature lover.

Large Garden Collection
Garden Decor and Bird Feeders

Our large garden collection are perfect to help you decorate your garden or yard.

Garden Signs
Garden Decor and Sun Catchers

Decorative garden signs add a touch of originality to your garden. Buy one of our Garden Signs to brighten your garden!

Garden Stakes
Garden Stakes and Garden Signs

Decorative garden stakes add a touch of originality to your garden. Buy one of our Garden Stakes to brighten your garden!

Hummingbird Collection
Hummingbird Feeders and Birdfeeders

An extensive collection of decorative hummingbirds for the Bird Lover, Bird Collector, Loved One.

Kits and Sun Catchers

These beautiful great gifts made of precut, pre drilled cedar are great project for kids. No finishing required. Nails are included, hammer is required pieces make great gifts for any nature lover.

Night Lights
Night Lights and Home Decor

These imaginative items will give years of service. Attractive & useful gifts for any occasion. Some of our night lights are handmade from genuine stained glass.

Planters Galore
Planters and Gift Store

We have planters galore: Red Barn Planter, Wood Wedding Chapel Planter, Garden Planter, Painted Metal Box Planters, Wood Log Cabin Planter and many more.

Sun Catchers
Sun Catchers and Gifts

These beautiful pieces make great gifts for any nature lover. Our stained glass sun catchers include: angels,cats,flowers, insects and mini sun catchers.

Thermometer and Wind Chimes

An extensive collection of decorative thermometers. You can choose between several style: traditional, wall-mounted or tabletop, indoor or outdoor, etc. All our decorative products have been manufactured to be able to withstand outdoor weather, but of course all thermometers can be used indoor as well.

Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes and Gift Certicates

Wind Chimes have always been one of the most popular choices for garden accessories. They also make great gifts, suitable for just about anyone that has a yard or garden.

Window Hangings
Window Hangings and Garden Window Art

Our Stained Glass Window Hangings are handmade from genuine stained glass so the colors will never fade and cannot be scraped or peeled off. This innovative style of layered window art creates three dimensional forms. Flowers have life - like petals, angel arms reach out & butterflies flutter over leaves & open blossoms. These are large works of stained glass and will not be supported by suction cups! A detachable chain is included for hanging.

Yard Decor
Birdhouse Poles and Birdfeeder Poles

Garden decor and garden art is one way to spice up your view. Sometimes a garden is boring simply because it is empty, devoid of anything and everything but lawn. With water conservancy becoming more and more of an issue, maybe it's time to think of something other than grass. A well-mulched bed of native flowers certainly takes less water than water-thirsty Kentucky Bluegrass.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates and Gift Store

We offer Online Gift Certificates for that Bird Lover, Bird Collector, Loved One, Friend, Relative, Business Associate, Employee or even the Boss. Do not have time to decide what to give your Friend, Loved One or Business Associate?

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