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Bird Terms and Definitions

We offer a wide variety of Birdhouses, Bird feeders and Fountains all at Affordable Prices. We offer wooden birdhouse, decorative birdhouse, bird bath, bird feeder,unique birdhouse, humming bird feeders and planters all at discounted prices to decorate your home and garden.

We've searched the web to find bird terms and definitions from some of the sites that offer quality bird information regarding a wide variety of interest for the Bird Lover in all of us!!!

Bird: Any of the class of warm-blooded, egg-laying feathered vertebrates with fore limps modified to form wings.

Bird bath: A basin filled with water for birds to drink and bath in.

Birdcage: A cage for birds.

Birdcall: The song or cry of a bird.

Birder: A bird watcher. A breeder of bird.

Birdhouse: A box with one or more small entry holes, made as a nesting place for birds.

Bird man: One, such as an ornithologist, who works with birds.

Bird of Paradise: Any of various birds of the family Paradise, native to New Guinea and adjacent islands and the USA. Having brilliant plumage and long tail feathers in the male.

Bird of Passage: A migratory bird. A bird who moves from place to place frequently.

Birdseed: A mixture of various kinds of seeds used to feed birds.

Bird watcher: A person who observes and identifies birds in the their natural surroundings.

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